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Use of Iphone 13 pro mix

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What’s up guys, Miles here with 9to5Mac. And if you’re a fan of good ideas, considersubscribing to the channel for future content like this. we’re only a few months away from gettingour hands on the next generation iPhones. And thanks to Sonny Dickson we’ve got thesemockups that give us a general idea of what these new iPhones are gonna look like. So today we’re gonna be focusing specificallyon the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the flagship. And I’ll be doing videos on all of the othermodels as well. So if that sounds good, be sure to subscribe to  the channel so you don’t miss that. Let’s dive in. This is going to be an S-year for the iPhone. So this model will be all about refining whatwas introduced with the iPhone 12 series of phones. So from a design standpoint there aren’tgoing to be a crap ton of changes to expect, but there are some important details to takenotice of. The back of the Pro will retain the frostedmatte finished with a clear camera bump piece. And you’ll have the glossy stainless steelframe wrapping around the device. We’re still expecting a lightning port onthis iPhone, no USB-C. You’ll have the triple camera setup on the back as well. When taking a look at the front of the 13Pro Max, something you notice immediately is that the earpiece speaker’s been movedup to the very top of the device. And this is because we expect the notch tobe slimmed down a bit. It’s definitely not going away completely,but we expect to see it be substantially reduced. This will apparently be done by Apple changingthe position of one of the top receivers to reduce the size of the trudepth camera. The size of Pro Max will remain the same thisyear as well. It’ll be a 6.7-inch phone. But it was rumored earlier this year thatthe new iPhones will be .26mm thicker, which is reeaallly negligible. And something most people probably won’tnotice in-hand. And I’m all for an increased thickness ifthis means we’ll be getting some added functionality. Overall the design of the new iPhones is notdrastically different at all. But I think the refinements they have madehere are all the right ones. The slimmed down notch is going to give theiPhone the 2021 look I think it could use. As we’ve had the same design on the frontof the iPhones since 2017. So it’ll be nice to finally get somethinga little different. Now while the display on these new iPhoneswon’t change in size; there have been countless rumors and leaks surrounding a potential 120Hzdisplay coming to this year’s iPhone. And we’re not sure whether this will onlybe on the pro models or available across the entire lineup, only time will tell. I personally think that we should have gotten120Hz last year. But I’ve managed to survive without it sofar. And I think it’ll be great to finally havethis on the iPhone. It’s just another one of those things thatmade the iPhone stand out as not being quite up to date on all fronts. As most of the android flagships to come outin the past 2 years have had high refresh rate displays. Now another big back and forth is on TouchIDunder the display making it to the iPhone this year. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported almost2 years ago that Apple would be releasing an iPhone with both TouchID and FaceID in2021. And in October of 2021, our favorite tweeterLovetodream tweeted out MESA uts for iPhone. Mesa is the codename that Apple uses internallyfor TouchID. And with that, I think it’s a safe assumptionthat uts is an abbreviation for “under the screen”. And then in January of this year, Bloombergreported that Apple is indeed testing in-display TouchID on the iPhone. But also stated that this feature may notmake the cut in this year’s iPhone. I think it’s very much possible that itcould make it into the iphone, but I’d say this is a 50/50. And I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if therewas no TouchID in the iPhone this year. The iPhone 13’s are expected to featurethe A15 Bionic processor. Which we have pretty little information onat the moment. But according to TrendForce, we could expectthis processor to be built on a 5nm process just like the A14 Bionic processor. There’s also been some discussion aroundM1 and whether we could see that processor put inside of the iPhone. And that’s not really how this works. M1 is based off of the same architecture they’reusing for the A processors used in the iPhone and iPads. So the way I see it, the naming isn’t reallythe most important part of this situation. I think in terms of pure power and performance,we could expect to get an M1-level processor inside of the iPhone in the next year or so. But to me, the iPhone has gotten to the pointof being fast enough for everything. And that it’s time for the software to startcatching up to the hardware as far as what you can do with it. Either way though, my expectations are prettystandard as far as what I’m expecting the A15 to be. Perhaps we could get a slight increase inRAM this time around? We’ve currently got 6GB inside of the ProMax, maybe we could get 8 the iPhone 13. Might be slim chances on that though. We aren’t going to get a whole lot of bigchanges on the camera side of things for the iPhone this year. But we can expect a few tweaks that refinethe experiences we currently have on the 12 Pro. The first physical change is the size of thelenses on the iPhone. When comparing the camera piece to 12 ProMax, you can clearly see that there’s been a slight increase in the size of the lenses. But I don’t think there’s any functionalpurpose for this. As I don’t believe these lenses as all togetherwill be entirely different from what we’ve got in the 12 Pro Max. The only noticeable spec bump to the camerasthat we know of so far is a higher aperture on the ultrawide-angle lens. It’ll be going to an aperture of 1.8 asopposed to 2.4 which is what we’ve got now. So I think it’s safe to say that we canexpect improved low-light performance for the ultrawide camera. We can also expect the next iPhones to supportportrait-mode video. This is something we’ve already gotten ataste of with the iOS 15 betas. On iOS 15 you can turn on portrait mode foruse within FaceTime, Sanpchat, instagram. And presumably a few other applications thatutilize the camera for video. So we’ve already got a pretty solid lookat what that experience should be like. Outside of all of that, we shouldn’t expectanything crazy with the iPhone’s camera this year. I’m sure there will be more features revealedin the coming months outside of what we’ve covered thus far, But I think most of thatstuff will be pretty minor. Getting HDR video on the iPhone last yearwas already a huge deal, and Apple is just so ahead of the curb when it comes to certaincamera features. So minor updates on this year’s camera systemisn’t a huge deal this time around. The current iPhones max out at 512GB of storage. But for those of you horrendously fillingup your camera roll with coffee and cat pictures every day, then you’ll be glad to hear thatwe might be getting a 1TB storage option on the iPhone this year. The iPad Pro has 1TB of storage now, so whileI don’t even wanna know how much that’s gonna cost you, it’s cool to know you’llhave that option. And I’m really curious to see how many peoplefeel like they truly need 1TB of storage in their smartphone. Now earlier in the video we talked about howthe new iPhone’s going to be slightly thicker. And I assume that’s partially due to theslightly larger batteries we’re expecting to get in the iPhones this year. For the 12 Pro Max specifically, we’re expectingan 18% increase in size for the battery, making the total capacity of the 13 Pro Max 4352mAh I think the 12 Pro Max has stellar batterylife for the most part. But the smaller Pro, 12 and 12 mini were kindalacking in that department if you ask me. And I think those models specifically shouldgreatly benefit from having that larger battery. As far as pricing, we expect the Pro Max tocome in at the same starting price of $1099 this time around. Outside of the 120Hz refresh-rate display,there aren’t any super high-cost components being implemented into the phone this timearound that would suggest a higher price tag. So yes the Pro Max is still not a cheap phoneat all. But at least they won’t charge you morefor it. This year’s Pro Max iPhone isn’t gonnabe an entirely new device compared to the 12 Pro Max. But I think everything being implemented intothe device for this year should make for a great phone. And a lot of people who held out on the 12Pro Max for reasons like the lack of 120Hz, this september’s gonna be your time to shine. There will be plenty more iPhone videos tocome this year, so if you’re looking forward to that, be sure to hit the subscribe buttonand give this video a thumbs up for future content like this. And shoutout to Sonny Dickson once again forsending over these dummies for me to show you guys. Thanks for watching, and I’ll talk to youguys in the next one.

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