Adobe has launched Photoshop Camera, a free camera app available on Android and iOS. Photoshop Camera brings some of the magic of Photoshop to your smartphone, allowing you to capture, edit, and share photos, as well as apply a range of fancy filters.


In November 2019, Adobe debuted Photoshop Camera, and it has since been available in preview on Android and iOS. However, Adobe has now released Photoshop Camera officially, which means anyone with a compatible device can now download it for free.

What Can You Do With Photoshop Camera?

Photoshop Camera is, as the name suggests, a camera app. It allows you to shoot and edit photos, apply different filters, and share your creations with others online. And the tricks it is capable of leave some other camera apps looking weak by comparison.

Photoshop Camera utilizes Adobe’s Sensei artificial intelligence. This allows the app to recognize what’s going on in the photograph, and either provide recommendations of what filter to apply or automatically apply particular effects to make your photos stand out.

Photoshop Camera comes with a handful of filters (which Adobe calls lenses), but you can find and download new ones in a matter of seconds. The filters range from subtle ones which change the lighting, to ones which replace the background with different effects.

You can see what effect a filter will have on a shot before you click the shutter button. And you can make changes after capturing an image, all while preserving the original shot. You can then share the images on social media, or export them to other Adobe products.

Download: Adobe Photoshop Camera on Android | iOS

Other Fun Camera Apps on Android and iOS

Unfortunately, Photoshop Camera requires you to own a relatively new phone. While it supports iPhones as old as the SE and 6S, the older handsets will struggle to cope. And on the Android side, you’ll need a top-level handset from Google, Samsung, or OnePlus.

Photoshop Camera is a fun camera app for all smartphone photographers. However, it’s far from the only one available to people who prefer shooting with their smartphone. So, if you’re looking for alternatives, here are the best camera apps for Android and iOS The Best Camera Apps for Android and iPhone Here are the best camera apps out there for Android and iPhone that’ll bring out the best in your smartphone photographs. Read More .

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