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The New Normal For Office Snacks

With the CDC’s newly released COVID-19 Employer Information of Office Building guidelines, returning to the office will be a challenge for managers and employees alike. It starts with the commute to work. The recommendation for people to not carpool or congregate heavily on public transit is bound to make commutes …

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Why Does Website Security Affect SEO Rankings?

As more and more businesses move online, website security is gaining more and more traction. And it’s not without reason since the incidence of cyber-crime is increasing. In the first quarter of 2019, 1 billion data records were breached. 62 percent of businesses experienced phishing in 2018. Hackers are now …

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Plastic rain is the new acid rain

Getty Images Hoof it through the national parks of the western United States—Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon—and breathe deep the pristine air. These are unspoiled lands, collectively a great American conservation story. Yet an invisible menace is actually blowing through the air and falling via raindrops: Microplastic particles, …

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ProBeat: The question of cloud AI or edge AI is far from settled

This week, I did a deep dive into Google Meet’s noise cancellation, a couple months after detailing Microsoft Teams’ noise suppression. Both use supervised learning. Both try to filter out typing, vacuum cleaners, and rustling bags while keeping speech, singing, and laughter. Sure, Google Meet cancels out musical instruments while …

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