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7 Top eCommerce Trends in 2020 to Look Out For

Trends are always changing, and it does not matter in which niche or industry you belong to. If you are not keeping up with the trends — you’re going to lag behind. Trends are the most critical issue you can keep track of across every industry out there — including …

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How Taiwan Used AI and IoT Technologies to Combat COVID-19

The world is in a major upheaval as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) makes its presence known in the United States and in many countries across the globe. Amidst these stressful and uncertain times, various industries are being confronted with pressing issues that arise from this pandemic. Technology at Its Finest …

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OpenZFS removed offensive terminology from its code

Enlarge / Replacements for outdated master/slave terminology tend to be considerably more accurate, as well as less offensive. On Wednesday evening, ZFS founding developer Matthew Ahrens submitted what should have been a simple, non-controversial pull request to the OpenZFS project: wherever possible without causing technical issues, the patch removed references …

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How Location Intelligence Will Create Even Smarter Cities

Location intelligence has gained much attention lately, especially as more businesses harness the power of this technology. Location intelligence builds on geographical information systems (GIS) tools, and its definition goes beyond the analysis of geospatial or geographic information. Here is how location intelligence will create even smarter cities. Location Intelligence …

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