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Game industry TV advertising keeps sliding down

Although estimated TV ad spend slightly increased from the previous 30-day period, the gaming industry saw a 22.26% decline in total ad impressions from mid-May to mid-June vs. mid-April to mid-May. PlayStation overtook Nintendo as the most-seen brand, and together the two accounted for nearly 80% of the industry’s total …

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How Technology Plays a Vital Role in Small Business Growth

Do you ever think why technology is so important in small businesses? The answer is simple. Technology saves time and labor, and it increases the security of your business. As most of the business tasks nowadays depend on the latest technology; consequently, the corporate world cannot ignore the benefits of …

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Rising out of the crisis: Where to find new markets and customers

The pandemic has upended the business models of most startups and existing companies. As the economy reopens, companies are finding that customers may have disappeared or that their spending behavior has changed. Suppliers are going out of business or requiring cash-up-front terms. Accounts receivables are stretching way out. Revenue models …

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What’s Video Phishing and how do You Protect Yourself?

In 2020, phishing is among the most common forms of cyberattacks on businesses and individuals alike. 56% of IT decision-makers state that phishing attacks are the top security threat they are facing, with 32% of hacks involving phishing. Here is video phishing and how you protect yourself. Phishing is no …

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