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Don a fedora and raid some tombs in this week's free game from Epic – CNET


If you’re a gamer — or just visit the Cheapskate pages occasionally — you probably know that Epic Games gives away at least one free game each Thursday. It’s Thursday, and this week, Epic is offering a $16 turn-based strategy game called Pathway. You can download it anytime between now and Thursday, June 25. Once you grab it, the game is yours to keep forever. 

Pathway takes place in North Africa at the height of World War II in an Indiana Jones-like universe. You and a band of fellow mercenaries join forces to raid tombs, fight Nazis and prevent magical artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, saving the world in the process. Mechanically, the game plays a lot like strategy classic XCOM. (I call it “XCOM of the Lost Ark” because I think I am hilarious.)

This isn’t the most beloved of games. CNET’s sister site GameSpot reviewed Pathway when it was released last year, and thought it was only fair, rating a middling 6 out of 10. The game lacks variety, leading the reviewer to conclude, “Pathway looks and sounds great, it nails the pulpy attitude it’s aiming for, and, of course, it’s always fun to shoot Nazis. But the more I played, the more the cracks started to show and the more samey it all became.”

Worth it? You have until next Thursday to decide. 

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This article is updated regularly with the current week’s free games. 

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