It’s all but guaranteed that you’ve been spending more time at home than usual and if you don’t have a dedicated workstation, your posture is likely suffering. Many who are currently working from home do so on their couch, at their dining table, or worst of all, in their beds. While virtual workout routines can improve the problem, they don’t often account for the much needed relief phases of exercise. Is poor posture weighing down your body and your mind?

Suffer no more with RelaxBax muscle relaxation mats. RelaxBax uses 192 Lotus stimulators to target 4,800 different pressure points around the body using deep touch stimulation. This replicates a massage — elongating muscle fibers, encouraging blood flow, and releasing endorphins  — leaving you soothed within just minutes.

RelaxBax mats easily split into three sections so you can get the perfect angle on that knot in your back, and folds effortlessly for easy storage or on-the-go relaxation. Each mat is also labelled with hand and foot reflexology charts which explain which organs are being stimulated by applying pressure to specific body parts. These mats are perfect for anyone who has ever struggled with back or neck pain of any kind.

If you’ve been hunched over your laptop for the past few months, it’s time to check out RelaxBax muscle relaxation mats. You can pick up your mat today for just $59.99, nearly 25 percent off of retail price.

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