The  real  name   was   “Abu-Muhammad Muslih al-Din bin Abdallah shirazi”   and  pen  name  was  “SADI”. He was  a  major  Persian  Poet.  He  is  known  for  the quality  of  his  writings  and  moral  thoughts.  His nickname  was  “Master of  Speech”.


‘Sadi’  was  born  in  Shiraz(Iran)  between  1213  and 1219.  When  his  father  died  he  was  a  child.  After leaving  Shiraz  he  enrolled  at  Nizamiyya  university Baghdad.  Where  he   studied  Islamic Sciences, law, governance, history, Arabic literature  and Islamic theology.  He  had  a  scholarship  to  study  there.  Sadi spend  seven  years  as  a  slave  at   Acre.



 Sadi’s  best  work  is  known  as  Bustan(the orchard)  in 1257  and  Gulistan  completed  in  1258.  Sadi  also  wrote  four  books  of  love  poems(Ghazals),  and number  of  Qasidas  in  both  Arabic  and  persian. He  is considered  one  of  the  three  greatest   ghazal   writers of  Persian  poetry,  together  with  ‘Rumi’  and  ‘Hafez’.


The  date  for  Sadi’s  death  is  between  1291  to  1294.

  • “He who exalts his neck with pride Is girt with foes on every side.” SADI

  • “Everyone, who washes his hands of life, utters all he has in his heart.” SADI

  • “In despair the naked hand will seize the point of a sword held by a foe.” SADI

  • “Patience is most bitter, yet most sweet the fruit it beareth.” SADI

  • “Lost is the difference of king and slave, At the approach of destiny’s decree.” SADI

  • “The valiant are those, who, when angered, are not passion’s slave.”SADI

  • “Do unto me that which is worthy of Thee, and not that of which I am worthy.” SADI

  • “The good in vain its rays will pour On those whose hearts are bad at core.” SADI

  • “It is impossible that men of merit should perish, and those who have none should occupy their places.” SADI