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Iron Gate Studio shows off Valheim, a survival game with Vikings

The world of Valheim got its debut at the PC Gaming Show today, as the developers showed a trailer that gave a feel for the environments and action in this Viking survival game. Valheim comes from Iron Gate Studio, a small Swedish development house working on its first game. You can register for the beta here.

The game has features like dynamic wind, which can blow the grass and tree leaves in any direction. You’ll see the plants ripple. But this isn’t just cosmetic — it affects the speed of Viking sailing ships and blows cloth around. The world is procedural, filled with mystical elements such as legendary creatures and natural wildlife.

The environments look beautiful, with a mixture of realistic and stylized art. The humans, for instance, look like 3D cartoon characters, but the grass and water and trees look very realistic. I like the combined effect of the different art styles, and the video is quite stirring with the pounding music. It’s sure to benefit from all of the hype around Vikings these days.

Coffee Stain Publishing of Sweden will publish the game.

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