Solar-powered portable chargers are sort of like my grandfather — neither can be rushed. The energy density of solar cells is just too low to charge up a battery quickly, so it can take several days to do what a wall outlet can do in hours. But RAVPower has a couple of power banks that can be charged via a wall outlet or solar energy, which makes them quite versatile — if you’re on a camping trip or just near a window, you can use solar to charge up the power bank. Otherwise, plug it in to keep the battery topped off. Just keep in mind that without a wall outlet to help, it’ll take about a week to completely charge one of these solar power banks, so consider it a handy Plan B when you’re camping rather than the main way you’ll keep your phone charged up. 

Right now, you can pick up both a 10,000- and a 15,000-mAh solar power bank at a serious discount.


RAVPower’s 10,000-mAh power bank usually sells for $25, but it’s currently priced ar $20 on Amazon, and there’s a $5-off coupon to clip on the product page, bringing the cost down to $15.

It can be charged using its solar cells or via Micro-USB. The charger has a pair of USB ports to top off your devices, and the 10,000-mAh battery should give an iPhone X, for example, somewhat more than three full charges. There’s also a small LED bulb you can use as a flashlight for spot illumination. 


RAVPower’s 15,000-mAh power bank usually sells for $35, but you can get it for $17 when you apply coupon code YL3MP48T at checkout. 

This charger can be charged using its solar cells or via Micro-USB and can charge two devices at once via the pair of USB ports. (15,000-mAh should be able to charge an iPhone 11 just shy of three times.) There’s also a powerful LED panel that provides a generous amount of illumination for wandering around in the woods at night. 

This article was previously published. It has been updated with new deals and pricing. 

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