Wasif  ali  wasif  was  born  15th   January  1929. He  was  a teacher, writer, poet, and   Sufi  intellectual  from Pakistan.  His  father  was  Muhammad  Arif. He  received his  early  education  from  Khushab  then  he  went  to Jhang  for  his  matriculation, intermediate  and bachelor’s  with  good  score.  During  his  school  and college  time  he  was  expert  at  playing  hockey  and  got  many  awards.  He  choose  literature  in  his  Master degree  after  completing   bachelor’s  degree.  ‘Ravi’  was the  college  magazine  and  wasif  wrote  on  many  topics in  that  magazine.  His  two  writings  on  the  topics “College miserable life”  and  “Farewell party”  survive  to this  day.



Wasif  ali  wasif  passed  civil  Service  Exam  but  did  not pursue  it. In  1962  he  established  his  own  institute near  Anar  kali  in  Lahore. From  his  childhood  he  was interested  in  sufism  so  he  met  a  lot  of  sufis. He wrote  short  essays  on  the  topic  like  love,  life, fear, promise,  prayer, happiness  and  so  own.  In  1984  he started  to  write  his  column  named  as  “Guftgoo”  in Pakistani  newspaper  Naw-i-waqt.

List  of  books  by  Wasif  ali  wasif.

01- Shab Chiragh                          (1978)
02- kiran Kiran Sooraj                   (1983)
03- Dil Darya Samundar               (1987)
04- Qatra Qatra Qulzum               (1989)
05- Harf Harf Haqeeqat                (1994)
06- Bharay Bharolay                    (1994)
07- Shab Raaz                             (1994)
08- Bat Say Bat                            (1995)
09- Gumnam Adeeb                    (19??)
10- Mukalma                                (19??)
11- Zikr-e-Habeeb                        (2004)
12- Dareechay                             (2004)
13- WassifYat                              (2013)
14- Kulyat-e-Wasif Ali Wasif        (2014)
15- Aqwal-e-Wasif Ali Wasif        (2014)


His  famous   name  is  “Baba G Huzur”.

Wasif  Ali  Wasif  died  18  January  1993. His  shrine  is in  Mianisaab  graveyard  Lahore  where  his  Urs  is celebrated  on  22  to 24 Rajab annually.

  • “Remove the conflict between your desires and your duties, peace will come.”
  • “Death is the protector of life and life is the process of death”. WASIF ALI WASIF
  • “He who has no light in his heart, what will he gain from the festival of lamps”. WASIF ALI WAWSIF
  • “When the child is ill, the mother will know how to pray”. WASIF ALI WASIF
  • “In reality, every reality is a veil over reality”. WASIF ALI WASIF
  • ‘Life is not only Newton, it is also Milton”. WASIF ALI WASIF
  • “Do not destroy anybody’s peace. You will find peace”. WASIF ALI WASIF
  • “When the eye becomes the heart, the heart becomes the eye” WASIF ALI WASIF
  • “Sleep is a mirror of life in which can be seen the reflection of death”. WASIF ALI WASIF
  • “knowledge is light”. WASIF ALI WASIF