Hazrat  Hassan  ibn  Ali  was  born  624  CE  in Madina.  He  was  the  eldest  son  of  Hazrat  Ali(r.a)  and Hazrat  Muhammad  (s.a.w.w)’s  daughter  Bibi  Fatima(s.a),  and  the  older  brother  of  hazrat Imam  Hussain (a.s).  Being  a  muslim  we  respect  him as  a  grandson  of  Hazrat  muhammad (s.a.w.w). When He  was  born, Muhammad (s.a.w.w)  slaughtered  a  ‘Ram’  for  the   poor  people. There  are  a  lot  statements which  shows  the  respect  of  Hazrat  Muhammad (s.a.w.w)  towards  his  grandsons,  one  of  the statement  is  that  ‘HIS’  two  grandsons  would  be “MASTER  OF  YOUTH  OF  PARADISE”.  Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w.w)  said  that  Hassan  would  make peace  between  two  factions  of  Muslims.


Hazrat   Muhammad  (s.a.w.w)  was  too  close  to  Hazrat  Imam  Hassan(r.a)  that  Muhammad  (P.B.U.H) said,

                                     “Who worries him,has worried me”.

                                     “Hassan is for ME,and I am for him”.


 After the assassination of Hazrat Ali (r.a), Hazrat Imam Hassan became the caliph of Ummah, in a manner which followed the custom established by  Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a). But  He  abdicated  after  six  or  seven  months  to Muawiya, the  founder  of  ummaya dynasty.  Hazrat Hazrat  Hassan (r.a)  was  known  for  donating  the poor, his  kindness  to  poor  and  bondmen, and  for  His knowledge, tolerance  and  bravery. For  the  rest  of  His life, He  lived  in  Madina, until  He  died.


During  the  reign  of  Hzrat  Ali  (r.a),  Hazrat  imam  Hassan (r.a)  was  a  participent   in  the battles  of  SIFFIN,  NAHRAWAN  and  JAMAL. He   was also  none  of  the  guards   defending   “USMAN IBN AFAN”  when  the  attakers  went  round the  latter  and  killed  him.


 Hazrat  Imam  Hassan (r.a)  died  in  the  year  670  CE in the  age  of  45  years. He  was  poisoned   by  his  wife  ‘Jada  bint  al  Ashat’  the early  sources  said.  But  he  never  told  the  name  to  his  brother  ‘Hazrat  Imam  Hussain’  for  fear  that  the wrong  person  would  be  killed  in  revenge.  He  was  burried  in  Jannat  al  baqi  in madina.

  • “The most preferable adornment is graceful manners”. HASSAN R.A

  • “The best wealth is contentment and the worst poverty is humility”. HASSAN R.A

  • “Clemency is suppression of anger and self-restraint”. HASSAN R.A

  • “Generosity is giving in prosperity and adversity”. HASSAN R.A

  • “Befriend people in the same manner you would like them to befriend you”. HASSAN R.A

  • “Brotherhood is loyalty during adversity and during comfort”. HASSAN R.A

  • “Opportunities pass away swiftly, and take longer to return”. HASSAN R.A

  • “Behave people in the same way you want get behaved”. HASSAN R.A

  • “One is ignorant of blessing as long as they are present, but when they pass, one becomes aware (of the value) of them”. HASSAN R.A