AL-HUSSAIN IBN ALI IBN ABI-TALIB  was born  10  october   625. He  was  grandson  of  last prophet   Hazrat   Muhammad  (s.a.w.w)  and  son  of  Ali  ibn  abi-Talib  (fourth  caliph  of  Islam)  and Muhammad’s   daughter  Fatima (R.A).  Hazrat   Khadijah   bint  Khuwaylid  was  his  maternal garandmotrher.   Our   last   Prophet Hazrat   Muhammad   (P.B.U.H)  said  “every  mother’s children   are   associated   with  their  father  except  for the  children  of  fatimah  (R.A)  for  I am  their  father  and  lineage”.  So,  the  descendents   of   Fatimah (R.A)  are  the  descendents  of  Hazrat  Muhammad (S.A.W.W), and are  part  of  His  family.




Imam  Hussain’s  (A.S)  children  are,

Ali  Zain ul-abideen  A.S

Sakinah S.A

Fatima  Sughra S.A

Sukaynah S.A

Ali  Asgher A.S



One  of  the  important  points  of  the  treaty  made between
Imam  Hassan (A.S)  and  Ameer  Muawiya  was  that  the  latter  should  not  designate  anyone  as  his successor  afetr  his  death. But  voilating  that  treety afetr  the  death  of  Imam  Hassan R.A,  ameer  Muawiya designated  his  son  yazid  as  his  successor.  Yazid instructed  the  governor  of  Madina  to  compel  with Imam  Hussain A.S  and  other   prominent   figures  to give  their  pledge  of  allegiance. But  Imam  Hussain  A.S refused  from  it, believing  that  yazid  was  openly   going  against  the  teaching  of  Islam  in  public  and  changing the  Sunnah  of  Muhammad  (S.A.W.W). Then  Hazrat  Imam Hussain R.A  went  to  Mecca,  where  ibn  Al-Zubair,  Abdullah  ibn  umar  and
Abdullah  ibn  Abbas  advised  to  Imam  Hussain  A.S  to make  Mecca  His  base  and  fight  against  yazid  from there. But  on  the  other  hand  people  of  Kufa  were writing  many  of  many  letters  that  you  Imam  should come  here, we  will  be  with  you. So  Imam  decided  to sent  Muslim  bin  Aqeel (R.A)  to  kufa  who  will  inform about  the  people  of  Kuffa. Muslim  bin  Aqeel  went there  with  his  two  kids. Thousands  of  people   of  kuffa  came  and  took  bayt  of  Imam  on  Muslim’s hand.  Then  he  wrote  letter  to  Imam  Hussain  that every  thing  is  fine  and  you  should  come  here  and these  kufees  are  really  with  you  with  their  zeal  and  zest.  After   the   letter   the  circumstances  went  change  and  both  kids  were  killed.  From  Mecca Imam  Hussain  A.S  started  his  journey  with  his  family. Then  Muslim  Bin  Aqeel (R.A)  was  killed  by  the  yazidi army. When  Imam  Hussain  R.A  reached  at  karbla,  the yazidi  army  came  here.  Here  the  battle  of  KARBLA was  fought. In  this  attack  of  yazidi   army  the  beloved grandson  of  Muhammad  (S.A.W.W)  was  brutally  killed. And  the  family  members  were  arrested. However  Imam Hussain A.S   never  wanted  the  fight but  yazid’s  order  was  to  fight  and  kill  Imam  Hussain  A.S. It  was  the  day  of  10th  Muharram.

Hazrat  Imam  Hussain’s  body  is  buried  in KARBLA.

  • “The most honourable person is the one who offers help to those who do not expect him to help”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “death is nothing but gladness, and living under dictatorship is nothing but living in a hell”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Quickness is foolishness”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Best of wealth is that with which one protects one’s fame and nobility”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Among the signs of ignorance is arguing with sensless people.” HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Crying out of fear from God is deliverance from the hellfire”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “The most merciful person is the one who offers amnesty when he is able to revenge”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • wisdom will not be completed without following the truth”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Do not authorize anybody (to come in) before saying Salam (greetings)”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Never trust anybody but those who has God fear”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Don’t try for what you can’t succeed HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Generosity is prosperity”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Telling the truth brings about integrity”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Telling lies is a sign of feebleness”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Your neighbours are like your relations”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Working grants you practical wisdom”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Moderation is wisdom”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “Death with dignity is better than life with meekness”. HUSSAIN A.S

  • “The true stingy is that who obstrains from greeting”. HUSSAIN A.S