The  real  name  is  Ali  ibn  Hussain  and  also  known  as Imam  Sajjad. He  was   born  in  Madina. Imam  Hassan was  uncle  and  Hazrat  Ali (R.A)  was  the  garandfather. He  was  raised  in  the  presence  of  his  uncle  Imam  Hassan  (A.S)  and  his  father  Imam  Hussain (A.S). Hazrat  Fatima  (S.A)  is  the Grandmother  and   Prophet  (P.B.U.H)  is  the grandfather  of   Imam   Zain   Ul   Abideen   (R.A).


Hazarat  Imam  Hussain  (A.S),  his  family   and  his companions   were  martyred   at  the  battle  of  Karbla by  the  large  yazidi  force, to  whom  Hussain (A.S)  had refused  to  give  an  oath  of   allegiance.
Imam  Zain  ul  Abideen  was  also  there  and  He  was  ill. Kufas  people  invited   Hazrat  Imam  Hussain (A.S)  to  go to  Kufa  and  be  their  Imam.  But  they  did  not  back him  and  his  family  against  brutal  attack  of  kufas governor . A  battle  named  as  ‘KARBLA’  was  fought between  Hazrat  Imam  Hussain (A.S). So  he  was enslaved  with  women  of  his  family  were  taken  to yazid.  After  some  time  they  were  allowed  to  go  back to  Madina. During  the  journey,  He  delivered  speeches in  Kufa  and  Damascus. He  remained  so  sad  in  his remaining  life. He  never  took  food  for  sevrel  days. After  the  battle  of  Karbla  Imam  Zain  ul  Abideen remained  sad  in  his  life. During  the  month  of Ramadan, Imam  Zain  Ul  Abideen   would  spend   most of  the  night  in  prayer

  • DEATH:

    The  date  of  his  death  is  95/713-714. It  is  said  that  Imam  Zain  Ul  Abideen  was  poisoned  by  Ummayad ruler  through  the  caliph  of  Madina. He  is  buried  next  to his  uncle  Imam  Hassan (R.A)  in  jannat  ul Baqi. After  his  death  many  people  discovered  their livelihood  had  come   from  him. He  would  go  with  a sack  of  food  on  his  back , knocking   at  the   doors   of more  than   hundred  families   and   gave   them  food for  their  livelihood.
  • “He who honors himself will debase the worldly life.”
  • “Avoid telling lies, whether they were significant or venial, or in serious or humorous situations, for a man who tells a trivial lie will surely dare to tell a big one.” IMAM SAJJAD A.S

  • “The company of the righteous invites you to goodness.” IMAM SAJJAD A.S
  • “Do not make anyone your enemy even though you consider him harmless and do not turn down a person’s friendship even if you think he will not benefit you.” IMAM SAJJAD A.S

  • “What harm will come to you if you take all Muslims to be your family and your relations?” IMAM SAJJAD A.S

  • “Knowledge and the perfect religion is to avoid intruding into unconcerned matters, dispute others rarely, show clemency and steadfastness, and be well-mannered.” IMAM SAJJAD A.S