Star Wars: Squadrons will be revealed in a trailer at 8 a.m. PT Monday, after developer EA teased the game’s artwork and “pilots wanted” tagline on Friday. The art features Rebel Alliance and Imperial pilots, as well as a bunch of starfighters, making it clear that the game is focused on aerial combat.

It also hinted that we’ll be able to join the good-two shoes Alliance or the totalitarian Empire in some followup tweets featuring an X-Wing and TIE fighter over the weekend.

The artwork leaked on the official Xbox site Friday, as spotted by CNET sister site GameSpot, along with a broken preorder link. It’s likely the game was scheduled to be revealed during Star Wars game publisher EA’s June 11 event, which was rescheduled to June 18 because of nationwide protests over racial injustice.

It’ll be the first Star Wars game since November 2019’s Jedi: Fallen Order, we haven’t seen a completely starfighter-centric one since Rogue Squadron: Rebel Strike in 2003.

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