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Waymo and Uber propose AI techniques to improve self-driving systems

During a workshop on autonomous driving at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2020, Waymo and Uber presented research to improve the reliability — and safety — of their self-driving systems. Waymo principal scientist Drago Anguelov detailed ViDAR, a camera and range-centric framework covering scene geometry, semantics, …

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Black roboticists on racism, bias, and building better AI

Jasmine Lawrence works with the Everyday Robots project from Alphabet’s X moonshot factory. She thinks there’s a lot of unanswered ethical questions about how to use robots and how to think of them: Are they slaves or tools? Do they replace or complement people? As a product manager, she said, confronting …

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Facebook open-sources AI for clinical trial eligibility

As trials for novel coronavirus drugs, therapies, and vaccines kick off in countries around the world, Facebook researchers are making available a library of AI models that transform clinical trial screening criteria into a machine-readable format. They say that the code enables trials to be searched by their health requirements, …

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