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The 10 Best YouTube Channels for Book Lovers

A whole section of YouTube is dedicated to reading and discussing books. Say hello to BookTube!

BookTube is an unofficial corner of YouTube where book lovers read an astounding number of books and then make videos about them. But what are the best YouTube channels for book lovers? What about channels for book summaries? And book reviews?

In this article, we list the best YouTube channels about books and for people who enjoy reading…

Watch for: Closed Captions [CC]. A wide variety of genres and authors.

Do you want to read a bunch of different genres? Do you want to read stories from a wide variety of authors? Then Rincey’s got your back.

Her videos are simple, straightforward, and to the point. The most unique thing about her channel is the fact that every video has Closed Captions. So if you’re deaf or hard-of-hearing, if English is your second language, or if you just prefer reading over listening, this is a channel we thoroughly recommend.

Watch for: Energetic, fun, goofy videos. Varied content with a focus on young adult and fantasy genres.

As one of the biggest BookTube celebrities out there, with over 400,000 subscribers at the time of writing, Christine Riccio’s channel is a must.

She’s full of energy and does a wide variety of book-based videos including book talks, book reviews, sketches, comedy videos, book-related discussions, and more. She even covers a lot of TV and movie content for books that have been adapted to the big and small screen (like The Hunger Games or Divergent).

A lot of her tastes fall under the umbrella of young adult (YA) literature and fantasy, but you can find a decent amount of variety here.

Watch for: Psychological and horror genres. Honest, clear reviews.

Here’s a YouTube book channel made for expanding your horizons a little. Katie’s channel is mostly about reading for fun, but it’s also about reading to learn, so you’ll find some non-fiction, some psychological stories, and some horror. Basically, a bit of everything.

She has interesting discussions about books, tag videos, and of course, classic book reviews. Her reviews are brutally honest and can really help you decide what to read.

Watch for: Children’s stories being read aloud. Images of the pictures in physical copies of books.

StoryTime at Awnie’s House is a BookTube channel dedicated to stories for kids. The narrator—Awnie herself—has hundreds of videos in her library. In each video, she reads well-known children’s stories while displaying the pictures and text from the book on the screen.

We all know young kids love videos, but by pairing that love with books, you can make sure the screentime they’re getting isn’t wasted on trash content.

Watch for: Short story collections. Graphic novels. Reading lists.

On Mercedes’ channel, you’ll find a wide range of books from literary fiction to magical realism, from short story collections to graphic novels. As usual, you’ll get reading lists, book hauls, reviews, and wrap-ups.

MercysBookishMusing is strictly a reading-based channel, so you’re bound to find some really wonderful books if you watch her videos. You won’t find book club-esque interviews and chats with other people.

Watch for: Non-fiction. Classics. A bit of everything.

ClimbTheStacks covers more classic kinds of literature. If you enjoy powerful non-fiction stories as well as older stories with beautiful prose, you need to check out Ashley’s channel.

This is one of those channels that will probably make you learn something along the way. She also dips into things like graphic novels and the Harry Potter series, so you get a solid mix of content if you subscribe.

Watch for: Contemporary fiction, manga, and a wide variety of genres.

Little Book Own offers an impressive number of book reviews. The channel discusses non-fiction, science fiction, and contemporary books, among so much more—including some manga.

Again, this might be another opportunity for you to find some books you never would have heard of or tried otherwise. The presenter, Caz, speaks with a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge about the books. And that will make you want to keep coming back for more.

Watch for: Books that are better than food (supposedly), across a large number of genres.

We’re not that sure any book will ever be as good as a piece of chocolate cake, but if anything is going to convince you otherwise, it’s this YouTube channel.

Over the years, the channel has explored fiction and non-fiction, works from everywhere from Latin America to Japan, poetry, classic authors, and even books about music. You can find all of the channel’s old content neatly organized in the public playlists, ready for you to dig into.

Watch for: Honest, clever book reviews. Fun book-related videos. Generally YA and fantasy genres.

Kat O’Keefe is another of the big BookTubers, with over 250k subscribers right now. You’ll get a lot of classic BookTube content here like book hauls, reviews, reading lists, monthly wrap-ups, book talks, and the occasional book-related tag video.

If you watch Kat’s videos regularly, you’ll find a relatively wide range of genres, but—as with most of the biggest BookTubers—she tends to lean towards YA and fantasy. If that’s your thing, subscribe to her and you’ll get a lot of insightful commentaries.

Watch for: Videos about books that aren’t reviews or recommendations.

The BookishThoughts channel is one of the best YouTube channels for literature lovers who enjoy a spot of lighter book-themed entertainment alongside their reviews and summaries.

The woman behind the channel, Jean, publishes lots of fun videos that make it easy to waste away a few hours. Videos such as “How Much Can I Read in 24 Hours?!” and live quizzes are sure to keep you engaged.

Are You a Book Lover? Read More!

BookTube is packed with hundreds of book-mad YouTubers. And there are many more YouTube channels for book lovers that we couldn’t cover in this article. Just remember that most of the biggest BookTubers focus on YA literature, so you might need to dig a little for other genres.

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