When you feel a temperature building up, it’s a good idea to grab a thermometer to double-check everything’s okay. While the older glass monitors still hold up to this day, the best digital thermometers will give a more accurate reading, while some even allow you to track changes over time.

Let’s explore the best thermometers out there right now.

iHealth No Touch Forehead Thermometer iHealth No Touch Forehead Thermometer Buy Now On Amazon $54.98

Suitable for: Babies

When shopping for the best digital thermometer for you and your family, it’s worth taking a look at no-touch thermometers. Traditional oral and ear thermometers work well, but they require physical contact with the patient.

No-touch thermometers are different as they measure the heat given off from the forehead without having to make physical contact with it. This makes a no-touch thermometer a useful device for monitoring entire households as there’s little risk of cross-contamination.

One good example is the iHealth No Touch Forehead Thermometer. This thermometer only needs to be within 3cm of the patient to take a temperature and does so in a second. It also doesn’t make a loud beep once it gets a result. Instead, it vibrates to let you know when the data has been captured.

Unfortunately, the distanced measurement and the focus on quick results trade-off against accuracy. For example, this thermometer can be up to 2 degrees off from the actual temperature.

Goodbaby No-Touch Thermometer Goodbaby No-Touch Thermometer Buy Now On Amazon $62.99 ($6.30 / Count)

Suitable for: Babies

If you want something a little more accurate, try the Goodbaby No-Touch Thermometer. This model isn’t as quick as the above thermometer, as it needs to be in the same room as the baby for 30 minutes to adjust to the room temperature. However, once done, this thermometer gives reliable and accurate results on each scan.

The Goodbaby No-Touch Thermometer’s main focus is taking the temperature of a sleeping baby. It achieves this by being non-contact, so you don’t need to disturb your child to take their temperature. As it is intended to be used in a dark room, there’s a bright LCD screen that shows you the results. Finally, you can put it on silent mode so that its beeps won’t wake the baby. This makes it the best baby thermometer for stealthy measurements.

Metene Forehead and Ear Thermometer Metene Forehead and Ear Thermometer Buy Now On Amazon $69.99 ($69.99 / Count)

Suitable for: Babies, Kids, Adults

The Metene Forehead and Ear Thermometer is a great option if you prefer a thermometer with multiple techniques. You can either hold the reader to the patient’s forehead or hold it just outside of their ear to take their temperature. The device beeps to let you know when a reading is done.

Unlike previous models, it needs to touch the forehead instead of hovering 3cm above it, so it’s not ideal for taking stealthy measurements. However, this does mean it’s more accurate, with an error margin of ±0.5 degrees. This makes it one of the most accurate home thermometers you can get.

Suitable for: Babies, Kids, Adults

If the idea of these non-contact and outside-contact thermometers doesn’t fill you with confidence, there are still plenty of digital oral thermometers to choose from. For example, the Enji Prime Thermometer works like a more traditional model, with a digital readout for accurate measurements.

The devices comes equipped with a storage case, probe cover, and batteries right out of the box. It has a flexible tip, takes temperatures in 10 seconds, and can quickly switch between Fahrenheit and centigrade by the touch of a button. It even comes with a free ebook that covers dealing with common household ailments.

Comper Smart Medical Forehead Thermometer Comper Smart Medical Forehead Thermometer Buy Now On Amazon $59.99

Suitable for: Babies, Kids, Adults

If you want a thermometer that truly embraces the digital, the Comper Smart Medical Forehead Thermometer is a good choice. The device syncs all recorded data to a smartphone app, so you can track changes over time.

You can take temperatures in one of two ways. You can measure from a small distance to keep things contactless or let the sensor touch the skin for more accurate results. This is very handy if you can’t make up your mind with contact vs. contactless; you can use whichever is best for the moment.

Unfortunately, the thermometer and app don’t play well with other health apps. For example, if you want to upload your recordings to Apple Health, you’ll be disappointed at the lack of support this thermometer provides. However, if you have no intention of using other apps, you’ll find the stock app works fine.

MILDSIX Forehead Thermometer MILDSIX Forehead Thermometer Buy Now On Amazon $79.99

Suitable for: Babies, Kids, Adults

If you love the idea of a contactless thermometer, but also need precise readings, try the MILDSIX Forehead Thermometer. This unit is more expensive than other entries on this list, but it is also the most accurate, too. This makes it the most reliable no-contact thermometer out there.

The MILDSIX thermometer will beep when a result is in, but this can be toggled off if you’re taking the temperature of a sleeping baby. The screen will turn one of three colors to represent how ideal the temperature is. Green is for an ideal temperature, yellow is for a mild fever, and red is for a serious fever.

These advanced sensors mean that it can be used for more than just human health. For example, if you activate the room setting, you can take the temperature of your surroundings with a quick scan. You can also point it at a liquid and get a reading on how hot it is—no more burning your tongue on your coffee!

Wohlman Non-Contact IR Thermometer Wohlman Non-Contact IR Thermometer Buy Now On Amazon $59.99

Suitable for: Babies, Kids, Adults

An alternative to the MILDSIX device is the Wohlman Non-Contact IR Thermometer. This also has some handy features such as a fever indicator light, contactless measurement, and the ability to measure room and object temperatures. However, it comes in at a lower price for those who are on a tighter budget.

The thermometer can store the last 40 measurements, which makes it ideal for keeping tabs on how a temperature is progressing. It can also be used either on the forehead or the ear, depending on which is more convenient for you at the time. Both methods are contactless and accurate, so you need not worry about one way getting better results than the other.

The instructions included with this thermometer are a little spotty, and it may take a while for you to become fully accustomed to how it works. However, once you have the hang of it, this is a handy, lightweight thermometer you can use quickly and safely when the need arises.

The Best Thermometer for Your Home

Thermometers are great early-warning devices that let you know if a fever is on its way. Now you know some of the best digital thermometers out there and where each one shines.

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