Xseed Games made a couple of announcements today during the PC Gaming Show. One of them is adding a platform to one of its important series, and another is for a new publishing agreement with an indie developer from Seattle. Both moves reinforce Xseed’s focus on bringing niche games from Japan to the U.S. but also finding indies in the West to publish worldwide.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town hits the Nintendo Switch on July 14, but Xseed said this blend of Japanese role-playing games and farming sim is also coming to PC for the first time in the franchise’s history (in the past, it went by the “Harvest Moon” moniker in the West). It’s a Steam exclusive, and it’ll have graphical options for 4K visuals.

Xseed also announced that a partnership with Voracious Games to fund the ongoing development of Potionomics, a mix of shop sims and RPGs (think Recettear). This is the first Voracious game that Xseed will publish, and while it’ll be on PC, it has no release date as of this report.

In Potionomics, you play Sylvia, a poor witch who wants to save her shop from a debt collector (sounds grounded in the moment!). So she needs to learn how to become not just a master potion brewer but a salesperson as well to save her shop. Sylvia interacts with other merchants, wet-behind-the-ears adventurers, and an “overbearing” owl (Xseed’s words here).