Quotes  are  the  meaningful  words  or  “SAYINGS”  by some   successful  personality.  He  thought  a  lot  on  this sentence  which  is  totally  true. Being  a  MUSLIM  and  a human, we  read  a  lot  of  types  of   “QUOTATIONS”. Quranic  verses   by  “ALLAH”  and  a  lot  of  quotes  are given  by   other  people.

 The  detail  is  given  below:


Now  first  we  share  these  sayings  which  are  totally  hundred  percent  correct. These  are  given  by  the  creature  of  universe  means  “ALLAH”.

When  we  say “HIM”  the  sole  creature  so,  “HIS”  quotes  will  be  fine  for  us.  If  we  want  to be  successful  in  any  field  of  life  and  after  death  these  sayings  are  key  for us. The  holy  book  “QURAN”  is  full  of   “GOD”  sayings.

So  we  upload  these sayings  in  English  and  other  languages  with  beautiful  graphics.



As  we  know  “HAZRAT  MUHAMMAD(S.A.W.W)”  is  the  last  and  beloved prophet  of   “ALLAH”.

The  whole  life  “HE”  (S.A.W.W)  spoke  the  truth. The reality  is  that  “HAZRAT  MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W)”  said  the  words  which  were given  by  “ALLAH ALMIGHTY”.

So  now  you  can  understand  the  value  of   “HIS (S.A.W.W)”  quotes  or  “HADITHS”.  So  these  “HADEESES”  are  the complete  code  of  life.



Sahabas  are  those  sacred  people  who  saw  in  their  lives  the“HOLY PROPHET (P.B.U.H)”  after  embracing  “ISLAM”. They spend  their  lives with  “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W)”  at  every  cost. They  faced  a  lot  of problems  but  stilled  with  “(P.B.U.H)”. They  were  the  companion  of “(P.B.U.H)”.

So  when  we  talk  about  their  quotes, how  we  can  say  that  these  quotes  are wrong.  A  lot  of  quotes  we  have  by  these  Sahabas  like “HAZRAT  ABUBAKR  SADIQUE (R.A),  HAZRAT  UMAR  KHATAB (R.A), HAZRAT  USMAN  (R.A), HAZRAT  ABU HURERA  (R.A)” and  a  lot  of  others.



“HAZRAT  ALI  (A.S)”  is  the  beloved  sahabi  of HAZRAT  MUHAMMAD (S.A.W.W)  and  also  member  of  prophet’s  family. He also  worked  a  lot  for  “ISLAM”.  He  was  also  “son of  law”  of  HAZRAT  MUHAMMAD  (P.B.U.H).  He  has  a  lot  of  sayings  about  “BOUNTY”, “BRAVERY”  and  “MERIT”.  We  share  these  quotes  with   you  through  our  site.  (islamicquotess.com)



“HAZRAT  IMAM  HUSSAIN (A.S)”  was  the  son  of  “HAZRAT ALI (R.A)”. He spent  his  childhood  with  “HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H)”. Every  human accepts  “his”  struggle  against  brutality  in  the  form  of  “KARBLA”.

He  was against  cruelty. Here  a  lot  of  “his”  sayings  are  available  on  our  site.  Now how  you c ompare  his  quotes  with  any  one  other. You  can  search  quotes  or sayings  of  “HAZRAT  IMAM  HUSSAIN( R.A)”.


Sayings  of  SUFIS:

One  of  the  best   way  of  spreading  of  “ISLAM”  was  these  Sufis  and  Auliyas.  They  worked  hard  to  convey  the  message  of  ALLAH. They  wrote  a lot  of  quotations  on  the  basis  of  their  experiences.

Till  now  after  hundreds  of  years  their  incidents  of  life  have  the  same   effectiveness.  Like “HAQ BAHOO”,  “WARIS SHAH”,  “BHULAY SHAH” “BABA FAREED”  wrote  a lot  of  short  poems  and  quotes.  We  can  get  a  fruitful  lesson  from  their sayings,  which  will  be  shared  only  by  us  on  our  website.





In  short, we  will  upload  the  “sayings”  or  “quotes”  by  “SAHABA KARAM” , “AHL –E- BAIT”,  “IMAMS”, ”SUFIS”,  “POETS”,  “PHILOSOPHERS”,  “INTELLECTUALS”,  “WRITERS”  and  “THINKERS”. Also  you  will get  the  “QURANIC   VERSES”  translated  into  different languages from




  • “If Allah wants to do fine to somebody, he afflicts him with trials”. Sahih Bukhari

  • “Doctors can treat you, but only GOD can heal you”.

  • “Allah is enough”.

  • “Have fear of Allah wherever you are”.

  • “Allah understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say Them”.

  • “Tawakkul is having full faith that ALLAH will take care of you even when things look Impossible”.

  • “Allah knows what is the best for you and when it’s best for you to have it”.

  • “One who remembers ALLAH is never AloneLY.”

  • “Severing your parents in their old age is as good as opening the doors of PARADISE, so don’t miss out”.